Autumn Colours

This is a great time of year to be walking in woodland. Here are some lovely autumn colours from Anderton Country Park the other day.

  • Oak and birch are quite subdued compared to the vibrant beech.
  • Spindle and rowan give vibrant splashes of red.
  • White poplar gives contrast – as the white underside of its leaves becomes prominent.

Spindle Red

spindle treeMost of the trees in Anderton Country Park are still green, many tinged with yellow and brown. Then there is the occasional splash of red, notably these wonderful Spindle Trees, with red leaves and red-and-yellow flowers. The rest of the year these trees are quite anonymous, but now, what a sight to lift the spirits!

Spindle Tree Autumn

In the scheme of things you’d hardly notice the odd spindle tree (a sort of Euonymus) in the woods and hedgerows most of the year. Then in the autumn comes this magnificent splash of colour – first the clusters of bright pink fruit, and then the magnificently contrasting orange of the emerging seeds, all ready to be eaten by birds and thence spread elsewhere.

It is a spindly sort of bush or tree, and of course it would have been very good for making spindles.

Photograph taken at Anderton Country Park, November 2016