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This post on Musings and Wonderings deserves to be understood more widely – the role that social media have been playing in potentially undermining democracies, specifically USA.

Social media are clearly evolving to do the right sort of things. You might think that governments need to keep a close eye on what is going on. There is clearly potential conflict between the desire to make loads of money versus the need to be socially responsible.

Musings and Wonderings

The Dark Psychology of Social Networks

Why it feels like everything is going haywire
Mark Pernice

Story by Jonathan Haidt and Tobias Rose-Stockwell

Suppose that the biblical story of Creation were true: God created the universe in six days, including all the laws of physics and all the physical constants that apply throughout the universe. Now imagine that one day, in the early 21st century, God became bored and, just for fun, doubled the gravitational constant. What would it be like to live through such a change? We’d all be pulled toward the floor; many buildings would collapse; birds would fall from the sky; the Earth would move closer to the sun, reestablishing orbit in a far hotter zone.

Let’s rerun this thought experiment in the social and political world, rather than the physical one. The U.S. Constitution was an exercise in intelligent design. The Founding Fathers knew that most…

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Social Media: What is it Doing to Us?

Social media present a new problem that we are only just getting to grips with. There is a danger of getting sucked in to the unreality of feeding off the reactions of others, rather than getting on with our real lives. See this interesting post by Jo.

Perspective 44

Studies suggest that the social media can negatively influence our mental health. It is a phenomenon that has been reported by users since the beginning of Facebook. Distorting our view of other people’s lives, creating a sensation of wasted time, and even cyber bullying, are just some of the elements that negatively impact our mental health. The Journal Computers and Human Behaviour published a study showing that users of more than seven social media platforms have a three times bigger chance of general anxiety symptoms than those who use two or less social media platforms. It is proven that social media and advertising are changing our brains. This phenomenon is described in the best-selling book “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing go Our Brains”. If the internet, advertising, and social media, have such a profound effect on us, should we abandon them altogether? Or maybe, do they still have…

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