Take back control

‘Take back control’ was probably the slogan that won the Brexit referendum, with the particular context of controlling immigration a close second. To people long fed a diet of stories about the inability to affect decisions taken by ‘unelected’ Europeans this had particular resonance. Add a charismatic leader and an inability of the Remain campaign to articulate the benefits of the European project, and it was enough to win.

Of course, what it really means is reverting back to the control of the nationalistic ego and retreating from the great cooperative European project, as in my earlier post A Psychological Take on Brexit.

Fortunately, life is not as simplistic as that and this is not necessarily disastrous. What it means is that we must recast our relationship with a rather sclerotic European Union in a way that more accords with the needs of today’s world. If approached in the right spirit (of which there is as yet little evidence), this could be to the ultimate benefit of both parties, despite the inevitable interim economic shock – a case of reculer pour mieux sauter.

Astrologers will know that Saturn is the key planet associated with ‘taking control’.Read More »