These oystercatchers were scavenging the beach at Rhyl as the tide came in. These rather large waders, with a sharp piercing cry, are quite common in the UK.

oystercatcher 1oystercatcher 2

As we progressed along the beach trying to get closer, the oystercatchers moved at a similar rate to keep their distance, all the while apparently undistracted from their foraging task.



It took a while to identify these waders, a fair number of which were rummaging about the beach at Rhyl. Then sudden inspiration from she who knows more than I do about birds – redshank. Slowly the light dawned – orangey legs, a color once known as red – and parts of legs known as shanks. The name was pretty obvious really.

Of course, they were too nervous to let me get close enough for a really sharp photo with my travel zoom.

Beach scene

You wouldn’t think that shooting almost directly into the afternoon sun about an hour before sunset would produce good results. This shot was taken pointing just below the sun. The effect reminds me of a Roerich painting.

mountains from rhyl beach

Taken from the beach at Rhyl, North Wales, with the Snowdonia mountains in the background.