Our Minds Limit Science

Here’s a wonderful rant by secretsoftheserpent about the essential nature of science, being and consciousness. I don’t necessarily agree with every word, but most of it makes exhilarating sense.


Our ego mind is what limits us. We are our own worst enemies. We can’t be wrong. We have to have others think like us. The ego will get itself into trouble constantly. Science is not immune to the ego. In fact science is being run by one of the biggest ego trips ever in history. Until we get science and the human race out of the ego, we will not advance.

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Social Media: What is it Doing to Us?

Social media present a new problem that we are only just getting to grips with. There is a danger of getting sucked in to the unreality of feeding off the reactions of others, rather than getting on with our real lives. See this interesting post by Jo.

Perspective 44

Studies suggest that the social media can negatively influence our mental health. It is a phenomenon that has been reported by users since the beginning of Facebook. Distorting our view of other people’s lives, creating a sensation of wasted time, and even cyber bullying, are just some of the elements that negatively impact our mental health. The Journal Computers and Human Behaviour published a study showing that users of more than seven social media platforms have a three times bigger chance of general anxiety symptoms than those who use two or less social media platforms. It is proven that social media and advertising are changing our brains. This phenomenon is described in the best-selling book “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing go Our Brains”. If the internet, advertising, and social media, have such a profound effect on us, should we abandon them altogether? Or maybe, do they still have…

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