Reclaiming Virtue

Virtue is not fashionable in today’s Western world. We live in a society where glamour, novelty, indulgence, money and power seem to be given greater value than the concept of virtue. Gambling, celebrity and oafish behaviour are indulged and celebrated. And yet, we also have a yearning for virtue, as instanced by the widespread condemnation of the behaviour of UK MPs who appeared to seek financial gain that was not perceived to be due to them.

So what is going on? There does seem to be significant desire for virtue, even though it may be unfashionable in the popular media culture. Do we understand what virtue is, and how should we become virtuous? In the excellent book Reclaiming Virtue: How we can develop the moral intelligence to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason, American author, counsellor and broadcaster John Bradshaw gives us some answers. Read More »