Hawthorn blossom

Anderton Country Park is now resplendent with one of the later spring delights, hawthorn blossom. While growing up I remember its being called ‘May blossom’ – this is also known as the May tree. Its appearance is the herald of the coming summer.

Some of the trees or bushes are almost overloaded with glorious white blossom.

white hawthorn

An unfortunate accompaniment is the really heavy pungent scent, which is not good for the hay fever.

According to Wikipedia, “the young leaves and flower buds, which are also edible, are known as “bread and cheese” in rural England” – indeed I recall that this is precisely what my father called it.

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Bread and cheese in May

Sometimes one species, at one particular time, appears to dominate an ecosystem. Yesterday in Macclesfield River Park it was the hawthorn trees and hedges in full ‘May’ blossom, white against the surrounding fresh green of spring, the air heavy with that pungent scent, the trill of birds hidden within.Read More »