Alien gorse

There was plenty of yellow common gorse on display at Anderton Country Park recently, but I was puzzled by this rather pretty red-flecked plant – a single specimen. A web search suggests it could be gorse bitter pea, an Australian flowering plant, quite out of place in the English countryside – but very pretty nevertheless. This is in a recently regenerated part of the woodland; maybe someone, or some animal/bird, put it there?

red gorse


It’s a dull mid-January day in Anderton Country Park. All the vegetation seems dormant, apart from the brilliant yellow of the occasional gorse bush in flower. Not a huge mass of colour, but enough to brighten the spirits at this time of year, and gives a nice composition.


This is presumably a Common Gorse, which flowers roughly from January to June. This seems to complement the Western Gorse, which flowers late summer and autumn (also Dwarf Gorse). As a result, you can see Gorse flowering in Britain most of the year round.