A COVID Christmas message

Reblogging this post. It could save someone’s life…

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This is an unusual Christmas post, but then again this is Christmas in a year like no other. This season is a time that’s meant to bring joy, and this year we have to be especially creative in finding ways to do so while keeping everyone safe. I wish everyone a happy holiday; this COVID world is at least offering us the time to look for joy in the small things, if we only choose to take it. Let’s take advantage of that.

I think this blog post from fellow blogger Kavitha at Sunshiny SA Site is important to reblog in its entirety. It is a strong reminder of why the restrictions in place in so many of our regions are there for a reason. The story it shares has been replicated far too many times: in Canada, South Africa, the United States, the UK, EU countries, and everywhere around…

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It’s that time of year again. “Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?” Internal shudder. Oh no. Talk to them and they inwardly shudder as well, but just get on with it.

Millions of people feeling obliged to buy ‘presents’ for others. Things they mainly don’t need, maybe don’t even want – judging by the returns industry.

Children with toy boxes already overflowing given ever more toys that they won’t have time to play with, before the next lot comes around Easter,  birthday, Thanksgiving, Halloween,  other kids’ birthdays, etc. etc. Yet look at their favourite toys – battered old teddy, colouring pens, house made by daddy out of cardboard boxes the goods came in  – creative use of what’s there…

I know, miserable old bugger. But you must admit that the whole present thing has got a bit out of hand. Maybe it’s time we really do ‘take back control’ and give where the need is there, or give consumables rather than landfill-fodder.

Really,  aren’t a few items of quality and beauty better than a mass of rubbish. And give the rest to someone really in need, perhaps via a suitable charity, or give money and teach the children to save.

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