Broad billed motmot

‘There’s a motmot’, our guide at Hanging Bridges near Arenal volcano in Costa Rica exclaimed. It was hiding up in the branches and the first photographs were miserable. By moving around the tree I managed to get a better shot. This seems to be a broad billed motmot, part of the motmot family.


motmot tailThese birds are closely related to the kingfisher, see the beak, and have long tails, unfortunately cut off in the photo. But see this one.

Green Honeycreeper

How perfectly camouflaged is this green honeycreeper, spotted briefly resting on a bush in the lush gardens of our accomodation near Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. At a quick glance you might not even notice it.

green honeycreeper female

This is the female of the species. The male is an iridescent cyan colour, as you can see at the above Wikepedia link. These birds are part of the American family of tanagers.

I was quite pleased with the focusing on this quickly taken shot. The Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ-80 does impressive work for its size – almost as good as the huge kit of SLR body and two zoom lenses that I used to lug around.