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Charles Hopewell

Charles Hopewell was my great grandfather, a man of some achievement in life.

His long working life with Rustons engineering firm in Lincoln was summarised in this account Charles himself wrote in 1909, the year before he retired. The account was republished 55 years later, in the Ruston News September – November 1965.

During his long career, Charles travelled extensively around Europe on business. He maintained a journal of these trips, which was illustrated by an acquaintance in The Travel Journals of Charles Hopewell (*) [from Julian Hargreaves].

Charles’ parallel work with the Oddfellows is summarised in this extract from the Stamp End Lodge Accounts 1917.

Family Trees

Charles Hopewell and descendants

The following family trees, researched extensively by Gerald and Julian Hargreaves, relate to Charles Hopewell and his wife Barbara Norton and their antecedants/descendants:

Alfred & Isabella Hopewell

My Hopewell grandparents. Alfred was Charles’ son.


Herbert & Rose-Annie Coulson

My Coulson grandparents.