Witch hazel at Dunham

The winter garden at Dunham Massey currently has a fine array of blooms. A favourite is the witch hazel, which is not native to England.

Telephoto closeups give interesting effects. Not much is actually in focus.

The ‘witch’ refers to the pliability of the twigs, not to a woman of magic, cats and broomsticks!

One thought on “Witch hazel at Dunham

  1. Amazing to see when here we’re looking at a world of ice and snow, along with a warming sun and blue sky. But I remember when I spent a winter term in York, arriving to green grass (ours turns brown to overwinter), winter jasmine blossoming on the brick walls, and soon enough daffodils appearing in the woods and on the banks below the city walls. A different world altogether, and both are beautiful!

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