Prize parasol

The featured image above illustrates the size of this magnificent parasol mushroom recently spotted in Knutsford’s Tatton Park.

The dog refused to stand by said mushroom and pointedly looked the other way. Using him as a measure, the height and diameter must be something like 10 inches.

They’re said to be edible and make a good pizza base, but you’d have to really know what you’re doing, as similar fungi are poisonous.

3 thoughts on “Prize parasol

  1. L’anneau coulissant, le pied chiné, la hauteur du pied, le diamètre du chapeau sont de bons indices de comestibilité. Mais il est prudent de se méfier des petites lépiotes de moins de 10cm, certaines sont mortelles. Ne jamais garder les exemplaires jeunes. Sans compter qu’il reste toujours le risque de confusion avec des amanite. Des champignons différents peuvent pousser à proximité, voire ensemble. De plus les rhacodes variété hortensis ont engendré des intoxications. Comme tout champignon, le sol, l’environnement peuvent les polluer.
    Les sociétés mycologiques déconseillent les champignons à lamelles et les consommations en grande quantité et ou trop rapprochées.

    The sliding ring, the mottled stem, the height of the stem, the diameter of the hat are good indices of edibility. But it is prudent to be wary of small lepiotes less than 10cm, some are deadly. Never keep young specimens. Not to mention that there is always the risk of confusion with amanita. Different mushrooms can grow close together or even together. In addition, the rhacodes hortensis variety have caused poisoning. Like any fungus, the soil and the environment can pollute them.
    Mycological societies advise against lamellar mushrooms and consumption in large quantities and or too close together.

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