A systems problem

Global warming and climate change are symptoms of a systems problem in the organisation human affairs. At a gross level we could characterise the system as having four key elements: sovereign nation states, a fairly ineffectual United Nations, the global capitalist system, and the mass body of modern science and technology.

The scale of system change required is massive and fundamental. It is unlikely to be achieved top-down. It requires change in all these areas.

COP26 set some directions and targets, but not really adequate to address the need. But well done to those involved. What is clear is that the current rich and powerful form a huge brake that resists and will resist the changes needed.

So hang on to your seats. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. But the thing about nature is (and we are part of nature) it does evolve, in an intelligent manner, at all levels, from the smallest components of life. Some form of humanity will emerge in some form of synergistic relationship with nature.

What we don’t know is just how bumpy the ride might get, and just how long it might take. It’ll always be true that for each of us it’s the living right here, right now, that matters, and doing the right thing.

Featured image of hurricane from free photo library.

5 thoughts on “A systems problem

  1. Thanks Barry and I believe whole heartedly in the point we are a part of Nature and as such will survive. However, I believe civilization and Christianity in particular are largely responsible for our feelings of being above and outside of Nature. Additionally, technology in the past century and especially the past 50 years have certainly helped to make it even worse. I am concerned for the problems my children and grandchildren will have to contend with in the coming years.

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    • I absolutely agree with you, Wayne. Our use of technology without understanding effects has been insane, and all following generations will suffer as a result. And it goes on. I believe that those with power are still substantially in denial, despite COP26. There will doubtless be many more natural catastrophes before sense prevails…


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