Your Restless Mind

Steve Taylor writes very simple poems with a powerful message, reminding us of what is important. This recent one is about what others have called monkey mind.

Your Restless Mind

All is well
until your restless mind
wakes up and starts to wonder
whether all is well.  

Nothing is wrong 
until your restless mind 
stirs to life and starts to suspect 
that something might be wrong.

Like an overpaid manager trying to justify his role
your mind finds problems that never existed before 
and persuades you to make changes 
even though your life is running smoothly.

Like a detective who always suspects foul play 
your mind keeps questioning reality 
going over the evidence and the sequence of events 
until situations turn into crimes.

Like a soldier patrolling the streets at night
your mind is always in a state of vigilance 
scanning the darkness and silence 
for signs of unrest and danger.

But you can reassure your restless mind 
that life is only hard if you struggle against it 
that the world is only an enemy if you fight against it 
and that the natural state of life is peace.

5 thoughts on “Your Restless Mind

  1. I wish I could believe that it were that simple for many people. Sadly, I don’t think it is. It is true that we are apt to look for problems where there are none, but for many people there are serious, serious challenges, even threats, not of their own making.

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    • You are certainy right, Jane. Yet, I like to think that we can retain that inner attitude of peace, while addressing the challenges that life throws at us and others. Of course, I am not there yet, but history and current affairs show many inspiring exemplars. I don’t think it means ignoring our challenges, but addressing them from a peaceful centre, seeing that our own perceptions and reactions are a part of the situation..

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      • I was thinking of all the refugees, for example, trapped in despair, and all those who live in homes where they are beaten, abused, and robbed of any semblance of self-esteem. I don’t know how I ask people who struggle for their very existence to worry about having a peaceful centre. But, I agree, it would help if it were possible.

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