English jays are usually careful to stay hidden, unlike their black crow cousins and magpies. This one stayed around on the grass at Anderton Country Park just long enough to take a photograph before he flew off.


These are also known as ‘brown jays’ or ‘old world jays’ to distinguish them from more colourful variants, such as the American blue jay.

4 thoughts on “Jay

  1. Beautiful photo. My favorite jay is the Canada Jay, also know as the gray jay. It’s not as pretty as the blue jay, but fun to watch and it’s “song” is not annoying like the blue jay’s screech can be.


  2. Very nice capture. My first view of this particular bird. And I agree with the comments reference our American Blue Jay: their screeching is rather obnoxious, it matches their personality IMHO.

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  3. Agreed on the Blue Jay that even though it is beautiful it is noisy, like it’s namesake south of our border! However, the Gray, aka Canada, Jay is quiet but very friendly. I remember as a kid winter ice fishing and they would quickly find us at lunch time and would hop right up to get something to eat!

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