Snowdrop Crocus

Nearly two weeks have gone by. My snowdrops in the rain are now fully out, and a crocus has grown rapidly, to be now in the equivalent shot. The tips of more are just showing.

snowdrop crocus

Yes it’s raining again. Photo shot against background of pond surface, as per previous post.

The graveyard at St John’s Church has wonderful displays of both flowers.

snowdrops graveyardcrocuses

One thought on “Snowdrop Crocus

  1. You’re way ahead of us here in Eastern Canada as I sit and look out my window at drifting snow. We have very variable weather here in Nova Scotia– last night it was -7, up to -1 now at breakfast, going up to +6 with rain this afternoon and then back to -6 for the evening! Our weather certainly seems to be more changeable the past couple of years.

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