So That’s It

So that’s it. The sun goes down over Knutsford 31st January 2020, heavy clouds loom. It’s the last sunset we shall see while the UK is in the EU. We are actually out. The UK flag is coming down all over Europe. Winston Churchill’s dream is over for us in the UK, for now – but it is alive and well in the rest of the EU. We wish them well, and hope to join again some day.

Reactions have been remarkably contrasting, notably in the European parliament, where the emotionally mature statements of the European politicians contrasted markedly with the infantile gestures of Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party.

For another 11 months we’ll individually have the privileges of membership, such as freedom to work or retire anywhere in Europe, such as reciprocal medical care when we travel, such as minimal bureaucracy when we take the dog to Europe. Life is likely to be more inconvenient and costly from there on. But that’s nothing compared to the strain on UK people living in EU and and other countries nationals living in UK – it is a nightmare for them. Even for us, it feels that we have been severed from Europe against our will by our fellow citizens – like the branch on this tree.

31jan severed limbs on tree
Severed limb on tree, Knutsford 31 Jan 2020

We now await the Amazing Boris performing the great illusion of Having His Cake and Eating It, just as he did with the Withdrawal Agreement. This time I fear he will fail, falling between Scylla and Charybdis (EU and US). But maybe he is the master illusionist?

If only there had been an evident good reason for Brexit, it might have all seemed worthwhile, rather than being an unnecessary diversion from the real issues we (and Europe) face!

13 thoughts on “So That’s It

  1. From this side of the Atlantic I can’t really fathom why the UK wants to sever ties in our increasingly fractious world which seems to be getting more nationalistic all the time. Not that we don’t have those rumblings here in Canada between our provinces, we do!
    Good luck for the future.

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  2. Here is something you may find interesting on our CBC radio here: Monday, February 3

    One of the most tumultuous periods of modern British political history is finally over, and Boris Johnson is finally disburdened of his European Union citizenship. Brexit became a reality on January 31st, after three-and-a-half years of political chaos and gridlock following the 2016 referendum, with rancour and bitter polarization infecting British society. This month on the Enright Files, conversations about the drama and reasons behind Brexit — and about what drives nations to wall themselves off from the world.

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  3. Across the sea many of us mourn for you and with you. We will just have to hope that next phase goes well for Britain and also for the world. Between Brexit, a witness-less impeachment trial, and the worldwide coronavirus crisis, it’s been quite a week.

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      • I know. I suppose there are different reasons for different people, from inbred centuries-long distrust/hatred of France and Germany to falling for the false blame game that the changes and failures they see around them are because of the “they” known as the EU and not at all because of mean austerity programs in the UK over the past few decades. The good news is that it appears that the younger generations see themselves as both British and European; those people won’t revert in their thinking. Bonne chance!

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