No Deal

The Brexiteers and Mrs May seem to be from the school that says you have to be willing to walk away from a negotiation to get the best deal. But surely Brexit is not a problem of this nature.

If there were a natural disaster the countries would get together and agree what to do about it. One would not say to the others, do it my way or we’ll do nothing. That’s insane.

It seems clear to me that a ‘no deal’ Brexit, maybe even the Brexit vote itself, is just such a disaster – when all sides would significantly suffer. To contemplate this, rather than negotiate a solution to the joint problem is , yes, insane.

Of course, some of the players in the Brexit game actually want this catastrophe to happen. The sane majority must not let this happen.

The comment applies to both sides, incidentally.

One thought on “No Deal

  1. Yes no deal suits those who want chaos rather than stability & Mrs May’s efforts to find a compromise are commendable. The extremists in the Leave & Remain camps are equally to blame. The Brexit vote should be respected and honoured as a democratic vote. The selfishness of the Liberal Democrats & Corbyn’s Labour put party interests before the national interest.

    In a national crisis one needs statesmanship not the narrow sectarian interest. All must keep steady heads & avoid a serious crisis in which the vulnerable as usual will suffer.

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