Dandelion Clocks

It’s that time of the year in UK, where dandelion clocks appear in abundance, to the great delight of children, who love to blow the seeds away. I must admit to tending to take them for granted, but when you really take a good look, how amazing are these crystal-like spheres suspended over the grass.

They’re also not that easy to photograph close up with an instant camera. I managed the following with my Panasonic TZ80 travel zoom by using the ‘post-focus’ facility, whereby you can select the best from several frames taken at the same time.

dandelion clock

As a child I once had a project to take dandelion clocks into school for the lesson in the morning. Sadly it was a very windy that morning, and I don’t think any clocks arrived at school intact! Rather traumatic for us children!

One thought on “Dandelion Clocks

  1. I can’t believe it! This is weird! Yesterday I went out for a long walk around local fields with my TZ70 (!), hoping to find lots of insects and bugs. Sadly, none. But everywhere there were large dandelion clocks and I must have taken 50+ photos trying to get a focus, I even used a tripod. Eventually I gave up and decided to do monochrome so the background is jet black with a luminous dandelion clock in front which diverts your eye from slight blurring. Will be posting in a week or so as I have a lot of macr stuff stacked up for my Macro Mondays.

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