Large Red Damselflies

Lots of pairs of Large Red Damselflies flit around our pond this sunny Sunday morning, aiming to create the little pests that sometimes take bites out of fish. There I am trying to get a reasonable shot, without much success – they’re always too far away, moving about too much, difficult to focus, awkward background… Then along comes wife: “I’ve got a pair on my hand!” Suddenly it’s easy to get a reasonable photo of those colourful bodies and lacy wings.


The female has the yellow in the stripes, and the male is a darker red.

They do come in handy, wives!

2 thoughts on “Large Red Damselflies

  1. Said wife – me – had rescued the joined damsel flies from an upstairs window where they were trying- in vain – to escape from. I’d noticed some photography was in process earlier on and had asked, no less than 4 times, what he was photographing. But no response. Went away upstairs. Found the trapped damsel flies, brought them down to the garden to free them and suddenly got his attention. Men!!!

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