Welcome back, little critters

A beautiful post by Butterfly Mind, which expresses more intently than I could the pleasure and importance of gardening. Get rid of those boring lawns, decks, paving…

Butterfly Mind

A friend asked recently what it is about gardening that I love so much, and with such intensity. What is so compelling? What do I get out of it?

When we moved into our house, it was surrounded by nothing but mowed grass. A vast expanse of green blades, all the same height, all the same color. No flowers. No birds. No butterflies. It was uninteresting. When I’d go out on our back deck, there was nothing to watch except the clouds. Though the grass itself was living, the landscape didn’t feel alive.

What I love with intensity is life. Life is miraculous to me. I grew two human beings in my body who are now teenagers. Fifteen years ago they didn’t exist. They were nothing. Now, they walk and run and talk and laugh, they think, they create, they have ideas. They’re baking cakes and learning Spanish and riding bikes…

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