Anything good about Brexit?

It has for some time been suggested to me that I should write a post on what is good about Brexit. I’ve struggled with this, as there appear to be few advantages compared to the enormous disadvantages. Yes Brussels is a large bureaucracy, with all the disadvantages that entails, but getting out of the club never seemed a sensible option to me, rather than working to reform it from within.

Most important is the reason that the EU was invented – to bring together the European countries and avert for future generations the possibility of further wars such as those that disfigured preceding centuries right up to the World War. The worst conservative government in my memory has, by their own incompetence, put all this in jeopardy, dividing the country in the process and endangering the European enterprise.

In today’s speech former UK Prime Minister John Major has expressed it all very well. His speech is well worth reading, and a salutary reminder of what is at stake and the importance of the UK government taking parliament and the people along in this supremely hazardous enterprise. Major is certainly an elder statesman worth listening to.

There are no positives that counterbalance this monumental mess.


One thought on “Anything good about Brexit?

  1. I’ve struggled to write something good to say about Brexit but all I keep coming up with is a blank sheet of paper and not a shred of inspiration or enticement to express a positive viewpoint in sight. I recall being in Belgium last September and being asked, at a tourist attraction, what my nationality was. “British” I replied, adding “but I didn’t vote for Brexit.” The guy who asked the question said something along the lines of “Well, we are all neighbours, and we would want to stand together and support each other if there was another war”. After WW2, Churchill was one of the founding fathers of what has become the EU. The essence of one of the reasons to be in rather than out is in the initials: E= European, and U= UNION. United as a whole we are far stronger than being divided and cut off/outside looking in, but sadly division in many areas of life is now more pronounced in the UK following the vote for Brexit.

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