After the carniverous plenty…

George Monbiot’s article Mass starvation is humanity’s fate if we keep flogging the land to death is a timely reminder that we are on course for the biggest of all disasters. Our increasing population and increasing demand on the natural world cannot be sustained without major change. We need as a species to eat less meat. Period.

The Guardian graphic in Monbiot’s article says it all:

guardian graphic monbiot

So after that stuffed-meat Christmas dinner, maybe you should call time on anything but the very occasional indulgence in meat.

3 thoughts on “After the carniverous plenty…

  1. Naturalist and wildlife photographer/film maker Simon King said this in the talk he gave at the annual Birdfair in August – eat less meat. I agree and I already do eat very little meat (can’t stand the smell of it or the look/feel of it when raw, and I don’t particularly like the taste of it – and I’m a butcher’s daughter who grew up with it). Some people didn’t like what King had said in his talk. Afterwards I overheard a man saying grumpily “He said we’ve all got to become vegetrarians”. I intervened and said no, he’d not said that.

    What he’d said was eat less meat.

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  2. Yes meat substitutes can play a big role. I think the problem at the moment is that meat is artificially cheap because it is not paying the true costs of its production.


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