Disappearing Insects

In The Guardian Michael McCarthy reports that insect populations are disappearing at a catastrophic rate – 75% of all insects lost since 1989, which of course begins to explain the similar collapse of many species of birds. My own personal experience of the prevalence of insects in gardens, fields and on car windscreens correlates with this.

Our ecosystem is undergoing rapid and massive collapse, by historical standards. It is pretty clear that a major contributory cause is modern industrial farming and related so-called pesticides.

And yet the majority, look, shrug their shoulders and carry on as before. Politicians take the lead from either the status quo, industrial lobbying or their own dogmas about reversing changes done by ‘the other side’. Environmental leaders are tolerated but not really listened to.

Where is the massive programme needed to reverse this catastrophe before it is too late? Such as a massive increase in organic farming, reduction in intensity of cultivation, rewilding of low-productivity farming land, extension of nature reserves, end to unnecessary mowing of verges and fields, massive reduction in use of pesticides, and on and on?

We seem like frogs in a pan of water that is being slowly heated up. From minute to minute there seems little different and nothing to be really concerned about, so we don’t try to jump out. Of course, eventually the frog dies as the water boils.

Featured image of Ovipositor and sheath of Aulacid wasp
from Insects Unlocked [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons


3 thoughts on “Disappearing Insects

  1. It is sad….I realized not too long ago that one of my sons has never even been stung by a bee, and that sounds funny, but when I was a kid it seemed we were always getting stung because we ran around playing outdoors. My kids grew up with much out door time also, but just one example of lack of insects, and yes, all the pesticides are horrible. Amazing how people think I am strange for eating organic, non-gmo…why would people want to eat stuff sprayed with poison and genetically manipulated?
    …just crazy!!

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  2. I own an exterminating company in southern Louisiana, our Focus is mainly on termites. We send trucks from the north shore, Hammond area. to New Orleans every day. Termite swarms and insect problems used to be huge, we no longer have to clean our windshields almost every other day, actually that’s not a problem anymore. When I started in this business we used beepers and pay phones to communicate, our pest control chemicals have gotten weaker as our communication skills have gotten greater. Insects should love global warming! We do not spray the swamps that I drive 45 miles in each direction Daly. But we talk on our cell phones and pass many cell towers on the way. The more we talk the more the bugs seem to go away. I’ve watched a natural decline since 30 years In my profession. I’ve noticed since 4G’s introduction five years ago, A scary reduction in insect populations, I no longer clean my windshield hardly at all. I’m hoping termites survive for my own selfish reasons, they should, they live underground and they’re not flying pollinators. But I am here to tell you, they seem to be going away to! And 5G should scare you!

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    • Thanks for that, Dave. I hadn’t realised there might be a link with cellphone signals. As you say, termites probably not affected. Spending time in Texas, I know how important your job is!


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