The Living Truth

That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquillity.


Is there a universal truth?

I would suggest that truth relates to a frame of reference. It is undoubtedly true that 1+1=2 in the frame of mathematics.

But is it true, for example, that capitalism is the best way to organise human resources, or that democracy is the best way of choosing a leader, or that everything has a materialistic explanation, or similar articles of modern Western orthodoxy? Well it all depends… on the particular circumstances in question.

It seems more appropriate to suggest that truth is relative to its context. Our aim is to live by the best and highest truth in the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We might term this the Living Truth.

If we try to live according to the truth of yesterday, we try to crystallise not only the world around us, but also our own level of consciousness. So many groups of people around us appear to be trying to live according to yesterday’s truth – religious dogma, political theories, scientism, personal enrichment, perceived grudges against others… There is no room here for recognising the reality of today’s situation, and attending to its needs.

Living truth is living in the world as it is today, recognising the past but moving beyond it, recognising the more limited being we ourselves were and moving to a higher level of being in our mind, body, feelings and spirit.

The increasingly complex world around us demands no less.

Quote from: Brainy Quotes.

Inspired by an Arcane School communication.

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