The Plastic Grass Gardening Society

Echoes my own thoughts:

Eyes in the back of my Head

P1010824This is real grass…

Neighbours whose garden backs on to ours are having some hefty work done. Workmen arrived a couple of days ago, dismantling the decking, bashing all hell out of the concrete underneath, roughly rotovating the lawn (most of the garden is lawn) and clearing everything. Today – horror of horrors – a large white sheet covering the rotovated area has been put in place and we know what that probably means.

Plastic grass.

Someone we know recently killed off all signs of wildlife in their garden by laying plastic grass and installing a stone patio. A tree had to come down to allow this to happen, but there was a promise of pots and tubs to bring a bit of life to the area.

I dislike plastic grass intensely and nurture a secret desire to discover, in a guerilla kind of way, if it melts or burns….

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