Sugar in Bread

While staying in Houston I became aware of just how sweet the average US supermarket loaf is – both the white and the nice-looking granary/wholemeal type of loaf. It’s actually a bit like French brioche, but a different texture. Some commenters compare it to cake.

Now, why would you want extra sugar in bread? It is now surely understood that too much sugar in the diet is not good for you. (Of course you need a small amount of sugar or honey in the bread baking process, but that gets used up.)

This all suggests that the average US palate has been educated to like too much sweetness in their diet, just possibly one contribution to the epidemic of obesity that is so apparent there. For confirmation, just try a Hershey ‘chocolate’ bar.

Of course, this is a well known problem, and some bread suppliers are better than others. See eg picturebritain. And the problem is not just sugar, see eg. Food Babe.

Now, where’s the breadmaker… But, will the flour have sugar or other unhealthy ingredients in it? Nightmare.

Featured image of a particularly bad set of ingredients from

5 thoughts on “Sugar in Bread

  1. the monster in this bread and in a huge number of other prepared foods isnt sugar. Sugar is used as brain food, it helps the body function. The killer in this is high fructose corn syrup. It’s in everything from ice cream to kids’ cereals to bread, condiments, and prepared gravies and sports drinks.
    It’s used as a thickener, a texturizer, a preservative, browning agent, etc etc. It is also incredibly cheap to work with, food companies love this stuff.

    this is why you see some brands of almost anything now trumpeting “contains no high fructose corn syrup”. People vote with their wallets, in a food store, and it was obvious that they were voting down HFCS.

    HFCS messes with the pancreas, clogging it with junk, and eventually ends up in the liver. I have hypoglycemia, which makes me overly sensitive to HFCS, so I know when I have a bout, what probably caused it. I see mothers ban their kids from consuming sugar, yet let them drink sports drinks that are sugar free but full of this stuff. No wonder they’re fat.

    okay, okay, I;ll stop. (taking deep slow breaths here). =)

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