Black vulture

black_vultures_2Vultures are a common sight in Houston, and indeed all over the US. We often see them gliding around looking for food. Roadkill is a great attraction. A couple of years ago we saw a gang of about 15 around what was probably a squashed squirrel, seizing the opportunities to grab a bite between the traffic.

A large group hangs around the Terrey Hershey park near the I10, and seem happy to pose for photographs.

These are black vultures, which are mostly found in the south eastern states, not to be confused with the more common turkey vulture found over much of the US.

Mostly you see the distinctive outline as they soar through the air, seeking out their staple food, carrion. The one below, which I took some time ago in southern Texas, is a turkey vulture, which you can tell by the red head.turkey_vulture_in_flight

One thought on “Black vulture

  1. one of my favorite birds, if only for size, and sheer grace in the air. We had a period here in Northern New England, for about 30 years (as the weather warmed), when you could look up at almost any point during the day and see turkey vultures with their distinctive V shaped soar, and that slight tilt to the wings, back and forth. I was lucky enough more than once to see them gathering and migrating to wherever they go in the winter. There is also a place in Hinckley Ohio where, like the famous swallows from Capistrano, they return in March every year. People wait for them.

    Ours have all but disappeared, as the summers have become cooler again. They do like heat.

    That is a great shot of the grouping, btw.

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