New Thinking for a New Renaissance

It’s nice to be reminded sometimes that the solutions to the problems that exercise those of us concerned with humanity’s development are not actually conceptually difficult.

WordPress blogger Christopher Chase has produced a magnificent blog entry Ready for a New Way of Thinking?, beautifully illustrated, which I heartily recommend to you all.

As Chase says “What is missing in mainstream consciousness is an awareness of ourselves as members of the human family, the Universe and the Earth community.” We are so concerned with our separative notions such as money, nations, religions, races and so on, that we forget the big picture.

He also includes a salutary warning: “If we don’t learn to live in harmony with Nature (and be generous with each other) all future generations will suffer. The future will be dystopian, violent, poverty stricken and sorrowful…”

I won’t steal his thunder by saying more, just go read it – again and again.
In my terms, this is the direction of travel for any consideration of a New Renaissance of humanity.

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