RSPB Conwy

The grey heron is a striking large bird. When you get a few of them together by water there are lots of picture opportunities. We spotted this one in action, stalking fish during a recent visit to RSPB Conwy (or Conway) in North Wales.

This nature reserve was derelict ground not many years ago when the Conwy bypass tunnel was built, but it is now a well established haven for birds and other wildlife.

A largeish lake is surrounded by hides giving the opportunity to spy on egrets, herons, various ducks, geese, gulls, swans and other birds. Of course they stay well away from the hides, so you need to cart around a huge lens like some photographers, or get lucky with your pocket travel zoom, like this teal.teal-at-conwy

The site stands by the estuary of the Conwy river. By happenstance, the tide was out this visit, and there were lots of waders on the exposed mudflats including oystercatchers, curlews, sandpipers, redshanks and more. But here you really did need the big lens to get a good pic.


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