Drivers lacking courtesy

There’s nothing like having two grandchildren with you, one in a pushchair, to realise just how rude and discourteous are many drivers in the north west of England. Within a few days we have had drivers

  • totally ignore us on a zebra crossing
  • drive across in front of us at traffic lights when the pedestrian ‘green man’ was showing
  • drive at speed within a few feet on a wet and rainy Knutsford high street, splashing pedestrians
  • drive down narrow high street past people with a pushchair waiting in the heavy rain, rather than let them cross.

This is not to mention the ignorant who insist on driving with windows open and playing loud music, the ignorant who driver large flashy cars and make as much noise with their exhaust as possible, the drivers who speed through crowded shopping streets at over 30mph, including the anecdotal case of a well known Liverpool footballer driving along the pavement at 40mph while laughing…

Let’s not go too far – most drivers are considerate and courteous; it is a minority who appear to consider the pedestrian an inferior species.

Our experience of drivers in USA (Houston) is actually much more positive. Much greater courtesy is extended on non-major roads if a driver even senses that you might be about to cross.

Wake up, drivers. Being in that metal box is no excuse for bad behaviour.

Featured image by Secretlondon via Wikimedia Commons

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