Honourable members?

This is not really a political blog, but immersion in the current national soap opera does tend to be a bit all-consuming.

Of particular interest from my perspective is the personal values of our political leaders and how they reflect back to ourselves and society. Members of the UK parliament refer to each other as ‘honourable members’. Are they in reality acting with honour? Let’s just look at a few examples from the current national shambles.

David_CameronPrime minister David Cameron has taken to avoiding answering parliamentary questions and insulting the opposition. He had an immigration target that he knew he could not achieve and consistently just glossed over the fact. He also made a Faustian pact with the devil and promised the divisive EU referendum in order to control his party and win an election. Apparently successful at first, the devil soon made his point, and the country is divided. Honourable?

Boris_JohnsonBoris Johnson has a certain reputation which does not align with always telling the truth. It would appear that he chose to spearhead the deceitful Brexit campaign, based on a pack of resonant lies, to further his own political ambitions. Perhaps fortunately, his leadership campaign was scuppered before it got going. Honourable?

Michael_GoveIt would appear that Michael Gove worked with Johnson throughout the Brexit campaign, and in developing Johnson’s bid to become prime minister – only to betray him at the very last minute and stand himself instead. Honourable?

Jeremy_CorbynLabour’s ragtag army also has its problems. The apparently decent Jeremy Corbyn lost the support of his MPs and lost a vote of no-confidence. Any leader knows that he must resign in such a situation, as he just cannot do the job. Not Corbyn, encouraged by a left wing faction that believes it has captured the party. Honourable?

We can all think of honourable politicians from the past who would be appalled by these behaviours – indeed some of them have said so. The problem is that politicians behaving badly set a tone that makes such behaviour seem more acceptable to others. The end result, if we’re not careful – a lying, deceitful, factional, immoral, uncooperative society.

We can do so much better, and we need better leaders with a prime intention to serve all, not personal or factional interests.

Featured image is of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial
All images from Wikimedia Commons

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