An Outstanding Day

One day stands out of all the days I was at junior (age 7-11) school in Lincoln in the 1950s. Our year 2 class teacher Miss Abbott took us out for a walk, past the terraced houses, over the railway bridge, through the allotments, across fields, over the main road, to the South Common.

We found several ponds near each other on the common. We were introduced to frogs, newts, pondskaters, water boatmen, sticklebacks, damselflies, dragonflies and more. We caught some in nets, examined them, then put them back.

We had a packed lunch and played in the grass. And then we retraced our steps back to school,  were shown butterflies, bees and hoverflies along the way.

This is what stands out – ahead of all the undoubted progress we made in all other spheres over those years.

What a vital part of education, to cultivate that connection with nature – perhaps the most important part of all.

The state of the world suggests that this aspect has been neglected by many educators and those responsible for leading them over the many years since then. No amount of academic education can make up for the lack of that feeling connection with the natural world.

Featured image shows frogs and spawn

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