Fare Well Louise

Today we say goodbye to the end of an era, and to Louise Huber who died in January. With her husband Bruno Huber, Louise established the system of astrological psychology – called ‘Huber astrology’ in astrological circles.

The Hubers had a strong spiritual and psychological background – they were instrumental in founding the Geneva branch of the Arcane School in 1956-58, and worked with Roberto Assagioli, founder of psychosynthesis, in Florence from 1959-61. Both astrologers and psychologists, they researched the stories of Assagioli’s clients, making a number of new astrological discoveries. On their return to Switzerland they furthered their research and began teaching, eventually founding Astrological Psychology Institute in Zürich in 1968.

Many psychologists, counsellors, astrologers and ordinary individuals have since studied with the Hubers and schools subsequently established in UK, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Even more people have read one of their series of books on the subject. This growth psychology based around astrology really does repay the effort to study it.

Louise Huber was the organisational driving force behind API. When I first met her in the mid 1990s, she was a formidable lady, brooking no nonsense but with an enormous sense of humour. Attending her seminars was a joy and a privilege. It was also a pleasure to arrange with her the publication of the Hubers’ books in English by our publishing vehicle HopeWell.

After husband Bruno died in 1999, Louise was able to carry the work forward well into her 80s, assisted by her son Michael.

Fare well Louise, powerful yet gentle soul…

To find out more about astrological psychology or the UK-based English-speaking Astrological Psychology Association and its courses, follow the links.

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