Signs of Spring in Houston

One of the delights of retirement is to do more of the things that feel just right, rather than those that are more imposed upon us. So what better to do on a clear sunny but cool (by Houston standards) February afternoon than a walk by Buffalo Bayou* – itself interestingly named as I think the days of buffaloes in this part of Texas are long gone.

buffalo bayou
Buffalo Bayou

It was one of those lucky days when you just come across things.

The bayou emerges from a reservoir in George Bush Park (Houston is the home town of the first George Bush). I climbed up the levee and walked along the top, overlooking typical swampland. Just a small patch of trees could be seen spouting forth the first green shoots of spring.

signs of spring
Signs of Spring
great blue heron
Great Blue Heron

Back along by the bayou itself, by the rushing waters flowing forth from the reservoir, were three of the local common fishermen: a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret and a Snowy Egret. Quite a treat to see them all together.

On the way back there was a great commotion of tweeting from a family of sparrows in a patch of bushes. Another sign of spring? No, I realised not, when I caught a glimpse of the characteristic shape of a some sort of hawk passing over. After that they quietened down again.

Back home, a bright red cardinal was feeding for the first time on the bird feeder we put up a couple of days ago. Quite a birdy day!

snowy egret
Snowy Egret

* Buffalo bayou would probably be called a river in UK.

Photographs are my own, and can be copied so long as you attibute to this blog.

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