I don’t believe it!

Victor Meldrew

I hated Victor Meldrew’s character in the BBC television series ‘One Foot in the Grave’. His catchphrase ‘I don’t believe it’ was rather annoying. However, with the benefit of advancing years, I find myself thinking precisely that when I see some of the nonsense going on in the world today.

My long-suffering wife, after yet another ‘I don’t believe it’ rant, suggested that I should write a blog, which perhaps would relieve her of some of the earache. So here it is.

Perhaps I should warn the potential reader about some of my interests; this may not be the rant you are looking for.

After a happy childhood, being educated in a very science-oriented school and doing a degree in mathematics, I entered a career in the then relatively early days of computing, which metamorphosed into Information Technology, eventually leading to today’s internet.

It was only over many years that I became aware of the limitations of this scientific upbringing and the technological business environment. I became interested in the personal growth movement, spirituality, green, social and ethical issues, and became more widely read in philosophy and psychology. In the process the limitations of the prevailing politico/economic paradigm became increasingly apparent.

In the early 1990s, around the time of Rio 1992, until 2004, I was involved in creating public lectures in Cheshire and Manchester, England on the theme of Visions of a New Renaissance, because it seemed that a New Renaissance of the human spirit was indeed the order of change that was required.

During this time I became a member of the Scientific and Medical Network in the UK, which has a membership very much in sympathy with where I was coming from. The ‘Mystics and Scientists’ conferences provide an unfailing source of inspiration, as does the Network’s magazine, the ‘Network Review’. I also discovered the Institute of Noetic Sciences in the US, which has a similar but different perspective.

Early in the present century I retired from my IT career and got involved in the growth movement of astrological psychology, aiming and facilitating personal and spiritual growth – becoming a book editor and publisher in this area. More recently, the appearance of grandchildren, currently living in USA, has much enriched our lives.

One of the benefits and curses of the IT revolution has been that we can each increasingly remain aware of much that is going on in the world, while at the same time pursuing our own little lives. The coming of Twitter eventually gave an outlet for some of my frustrations, 140 characters at a time, under the name @greengrandad. This blog gives the opportunity for more considered comment.

This all may give you some idea that my perspective will not always, hopefully, just be a trivial rant. I stand on the shoulders of giants who have influenced me along the way…




One thought on “I don’t believe it!

  1. My family belonged to a number of metaphysical societies. I had many of the teachings and books. Still have many of them.


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